Mina Jafari - FLOW

November 8 - December 22


Inspiration and process:

The colours and effect of nature mostly inspire me, the transitions between seasons.

This is apparent in my work as it’s based on how colours and materials integrate. The seamless transition between the layers and the effects of using mediums that harmoniously sits together.

The other side of my work is experimental. I love to experiment and play with reactions of different mediums. The idea of using mediums that shouldn’t be used together pushing the boundaries and creating new visual effects.

This series was in development for 9 months before I selected the direction to take it, choosing to build it up over time with soft and vibrant tones.I am continuously learning and experimenting with new materials and believe in reinventing myself and growing as an artist in skill and knowledge by studying arts and art history.


Blue Jug.jpg

Kate Hudson - Bouquet

Sept 27 - Oct 25

Bouquet is a series of linocuts of flowers. My background in textile design has led to my richly patterned and decorative prints. I draw influence from Japanese woodblocks, Art Nouveau, the Arts & Crafts Movement and printmakers such as Margaret Preston. 

Linocuts are relief prints, which means the raised area of the block takes the ink and makes the image. The block is carved then inked up, a piece of paper is put on top, pressure is applied either by hand or a press and the image is transferred onto the paper.
The colour prints are reduction prints, 2 blocks are used for all the colours and more of the block is carved away after each colour has been printed.

9 Mary-Lou's Jug finished print.jpg
Bird Jug.jpg

How I make my prints
All my prints start with a drawing in pencil and colour studies. Once I have my design I make a careful tracing of it, then I use carbon paper under the tracing to transfer sections of the design onto the block. I am now ready to start carving. I do this looking through a magnifying glass, which means I can get smoother curves and more details than I would otherwise. 
I do all my printing on a Columbian Press from the 1880’s at the Australian Print Workshop in Gertrude Street. 

1 lino block.JPG
2 carving.JPG
3 printing.JPG
4 designs.jpg
5 designs2.jpg
lilac jungle (14).jpg

ROMY WENZEL - The Quiet Wilds Studio  

22nd August - 27th September

I take long walks in forests and bushlands around Victoria when I start work on a new series. Walking is conducive to dreaming, and dreaming blurs the threshold between the visible and the invisible. That is what I like to paint. I forget I have edges, or rather the edges become wild, tangled, enmeshed with my surroundings. I get lost in the place where forest outbreath becomes human inbreath, where the primitive heart quickens. This art is a record of an intimate, unfolding relationship with places that nourish inner wilderness. The conversation between the earthly and the numinous, between the wild edge of the known and unknown is what stirs me to create.   

Romy Wenzel

You can see more of my process @instagram.com/the_quiet_wilds/