Kate Hudson - Bouquet

Sept 27 - Oct 25

Bouquet is a series of linocuts of flowers. My background in textile design has led to my richly patterned and decorative prints. I draw influence from Japanese woodblocks, Art Nouveau, the Arts & Crafts Movement and printmakers such as Margaret Preston. 

Linocuts are relief prints, which means the raised area of the block takes the ink and makes the image. The block is carved then inked up, a piece of paper is put on top, pressure is applied either by hand or a press and the image is transferred onto the paper.
The colour prints are reduction prints, 2 blocks are used for all the colours and more of the block is carved away after each colour has been printed.

9 Mary-Lou's Jug finished print.jpg
Bird Jug.jpg

How I make my prints
All my prints start with a drawing in pencil and colour studies. Once I have my design I make a careful tracing of it, then I use carbon paper under the tracing to transfer sections of the design onto the block. I am now ready to start carving. I do this looking through a magnifying glass, which means I can get smoother curves and more details than I would otherwise. 
I do all my printing on a Columbian Press from the 1880’s at the Australian Print Workshop in Gertrude Street. 

1 lino block.JPG
2 carving.JPG
3 printing.JPG
4 designs.jpg
5 designs2.jpg